Alpin Recommends Books: Sci-Fi

If you are a human like me, you may enjoy the mental escapes from normal life from storytelling. For your perusing, here are a few of my recently read science fiction books/series, and a quick summary of thoughts on them.

Illuminae: Illuminae is possibly the most visually stimulating  books I’ve ever read.It’s not a graphic novel, but the occasional diagrams, use of light and dark, and dossier formatting left me almost unable to put it down. This sci-fi thriller combines futuristic science and rebellious protagonists in a mystery that left me both struck and satisfied.

Cinder: Cinder is the first in a four part series called the “Lunar Chronicles,” a sci-fi retelling of a series of fairy tales. This genre seems to have taken a hold on the YA market, with young protagonists and the promise of a happy ending… eventually. The strong female characters, distinct lack of love-triangles, and well-paced revelations led me to read the entire series in rapid succession.

Dragon and Thief: Dragon and Thief is the first of an incredible six part series which follows 14yo human Jack and his new symbiotic alien dragon, Draycos, as they try to prevent the genocide of Draycos’ people. This universe is filled with diverse aliens, daunting technology, and stakes that made me devour all six as soon as I got my hands on them. The Dragonback books are not just adventures for middle-grade or YA readers, but for adults as well looking for a complicated world that reads easily and stimulates imagination.

That is all for today.


Please note: I do have hand-like appendages. I use them to manipulate my environment and hold items, just like a normal human would.

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