Creating Playlists for Writing!

Hello Humans!

Supposedly, appreciation of music is some kind of universal human trait, and I’ve learned to enjoy it. A lot of people, myself included, listen to music at some point when writing. However, when I’m writing, the music needs to reflect the mood I’m trying to portray, or at least be relevant to the story, and I get particular about the kind of music I’m listening to when I write.

Without further adieu (ha!), this is a skimpy little method on how I create writing playlists, which I’m sure has many variations all across the ‘net. I try to start quite a while before my project is underway or in the beginnings, but I’ve been “collecting” songs for particular projects in personal YouTube playlists a lot recently.

Note: Determine if you can listen to music with lyrics in your own language, or another language, or if you get distracted by human vocalizations. If you do get distracted, try limiting your search to instrumental music!

  1. Check out soundtracks or playlists that other people have made. I like to go to 8tracks and search via strange keywords. My absolute favorite playlist for a couple of projects has been VILLAIN(OUS). Feel free to explore on this platform, and stick here if you find a series of playlists that suit your needs.
  2. Take notes of songs you like, or don’t like, from your current music habits- either listening on a long drive, or letting YouTube or Pandora suggest possibilities.
  3. Create a playlist on YouTube (or your preferred site). Once logged in on YoutTube, you can select a small “+ Add to” button, underneath the video in the current layout. If you’re creating a new playlist, you can name it here, or select a previously named playlist.
  4. After you’ve started to put songs on your playlist, you can find the playlist in your library, and order them in whatever way you like! This helps me to smoothly transition into different emotions for a particular work. Remember that you can start playing the list anywhere!

Creating a playlist of music that helps me to resonate well with what I need to write helps me to stay focused and provides me with an extra oomph of motivation. Also, you can share your playlists with other humans by changing your preferred settings. How endearing!

Happy Listening!



2 thoughts on “Creating Playlists for Writing!

  1. Cool ideas! I also find it helpful and fun to listen to classical music as though it were the movie score to your story before writing, using the story in the music as writing inspiration for your own.


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