Camp Update!

(& A Disclaimer about Posting Schedule)

As I start into the third day of Camp Nanowrimo, I’d like to make a quick disclaimer! I won’t be posting everyday. I’m focusing all my time and energy on the manuscript, and I’m doing pretty darn well!

I’m at 8.3k words, my friends!

Working on a manuscript at this pace is exhilarating, but I still find myself pacing and pondering over scenes, rooting myself in place until I find the path that resonates. The heart wants what the heart wants, as they say. So while Camp Nanowrimo, or writing months in general, don’t necessarily eradicate writer’s block, the pace is driven upward by goals and awesome community. (It’s also waaaay fun to see that number go up.)

Since the b-log is new, I’m still working on developing a workable posting schedule. However, feel free to peruse past posts, and look forward to (at least) weekly updates! If you’d like to see something particular, contact me.

Happy July!


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