Atlanta Writing Workshop!

Hello Humans!

I am going to my first writing workshop today, in Atlanta.  I’ve been looking forward to (& dreading) this for some time, but it happens today regardless.

Conference Goals:

  1. Meet Other Writers! I use twitter to interact with many different people, especially writers and authors, but this is a great opportunity to make a personal connection. Yahoo!
  2. Learn Cool Stuff! I’ve looked through the sessions offered and selected which ones I’m going to attend. I’m most excited about the Sci-Fi/Fantasy session, but I’m looking forward to all of them.
  3. Stay Awake! (This is a personal goal. I couldn’t sleep well last night and am looking at a very long day. Wish me luck on this!)

Before I get on a plane and fly all the way to Atlanta, Georgia, I wanted to give a quick update on what I’ve been doing. I finished a fantasy novel draft around mid-January (working title: Good Wizard Bad Dragon), and I’ve been working through a penultimate revision on Confessions of a SuperFake (shorthand: COSF). After going through beta-reader responses, I decided to make structural changes to make COSF the best book it can be.

I’ve also been writing many short pieces and submitting to competitions, some of which will be published on websites soon. WooHoo! I’ll be sure to link here when those go live.

… & Just in case you, dear human, need some short fiction to read, check out the links below.

The Middle

Zombies Don’t Eat Cheez Whiz

Confessions of a SuperFake (5-page snippet)

Also, feel free to make First Contact.

Take care,


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