WIP: Confessions of a SuperFake

Although this may be not terribly useful to some readers, I thought I’d describe one of my Works in Progress (WIP) today. Since I tend to have several stories at different levels of completion, this will probably be part of a series.

Without further ado, I present Confessions of a SuperFake!


Confessions of a SuperFake is a science fiction superhero novel that is currently being prepared for beta reading, which will start in August. The story follows college freshman Lexus Roberts, who is the first Technopath ever recognized by the secret superhero society.


Lexus (Lex) Roberts just enrolled in Northern University on an engineering scholarship, almost 3000miles away from home. With no friends, a bit of an anger management problem, and a designing block that just won’t go away, Lex is struggling with freshman year. But when Lex accidentally infiltrates the top-secret College for [Super] Heroic Aptitude everything turns upside-down. Lex gets friendly new bestie with a dark side, a love interest with superspeed, and a whole lot of secrets. Can Lex balance college classes, faking a superpower, and a healthy dose of crime? Or will everything come toppling down in an explosive whirlwind of doom?


Personal Notes: I love this story and will start to search for the appropriate place to publish this novel sometime this year. If you have questions, or would like to participate in beta reading, please contact me! I would love to hear from you at any time. Sometime in August, I will be posting the first chapter on my website (IT’S COMING I SWEAR).

Write On!


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